Dog Walking      PetMinders, Inc. can take your Fido out for a walk.  This service can be scheduled to meet your needs be it daily, every other day, once a week, etc.  These visits can also include feeding your dog, giving it medication, bringing in your mail or watering your plants.  For those individuals that use this service Monday thru Friday on a weekly basis we have a Frequent Walkers Discount Club. Cat Care      PetMinders, Inc. can provide for all feline needs including feeding, giving them fresh water, litter box maintenance and cleaning up the unexpected furball.  We will also provide social cats with a warm lap to cuddle up in. Puppy Visits      Have a young pup that needs some attention while you're at work?  PetMinders, Inc. is just the service for you.  We will take your puppy out to potty and give him his meal and fresh water and clean up any puppy messes that may have occurred.  We will make sure he is safe and sound and ready for you when you arrive home. Pet Sitting Vacation Services      Going out of town without your pets?  PetMinders, Inc. will take care of all your pet sitting needs in your absence.  Feeding, walking, exercising, administering medication, cleaning cages and litter boxes along with house sitting services including watering plants and bringing in your mail can all provide you with peace of mind in your absence. Medication Administration      Does your pet require specific medication?  We can administer oral medication, injections as well as Sub-Q fluids by our well-trained staff. Pet Transportation      Does your pet have a vet visit or a grooming appointment that you can't bring him to?  PetMinders, Inc. can transport your pet for any appointment he might have. Dog Training      Private in-home dog training instruction is available.  Using current methods of shaping good behavior with positive reinforcement, dogs trained using our methods are well-adjusted happy animals with very good manners.       Have a specific behavioral challenge with your animal?  PetMinders, Inc. can provide you with a program to help tackle this challenge.  Whether it is housebreaking, chewing, counter-surfing, etc. PetMinders, Inc. can turn your animal into a model 4-legged citizen. Call PetMinders, Inc. at 908-755-PETS (7387) or email us at to schedule a complimentary consultation. © 2011-2020 PetMinders, Inc.